How to Start Earning with OBEIX

The OBEIX Fund allows everyone investing globally. What is the base currency suiting this purpose the best? At this very moment, the best cryptocurrency to invest in is the widely known digital gold named Bitcoin. Here, you’ll see how to invest in Bitcoin and start getting incomes with OBEIX.

Bitcoin becomes more and more wanted and popular. The main reason for the demand to grow is the increasing number of people discovering the world of cryptocurrencies and investing in Bitcoin. With the growth of investments, the value of this cryptocurrency increases along with that of one’s personal digital assets.

Despite its wide popularity, the cryptocurrency market and industry are at the very beginning of their way. So, investing in cryptocurrency with OBEIX means running ahead of time and reality. You don’t wait till Bitcoin investment becomes a common trend. You invest now to guarantee stable profits in future.

Yes, cryptocurrency investment has much in common with buying stocks of some company before it becomes successful. You invest your funds into it today aiming to get huge incomes after the value of that company’s stocks goes “to the moon”.

Why Bitcoin

The main question you could probably ask now sounds like: “Is Bitcoin a good investment?”. To know the entire answer, check the short history and advantages this cryptocurrency has over usual financial instruments.

The creator of Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamono who introduced the coin in the year of 2009. Eleven years later, Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency. The main difference it has when comparing with other funds is the lack of control. No individual, business or government has threads to control Bitcoin. It’s up to owners because of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Ledger, which is a Book containing data on all the Bitcoin blockchain investment or withdrawal operations, is recorded and ran on numerous network nods simultaneously. As a result, nobody really has control of it.

Invest in Cryptocurrency with OBEIX

Clients of OBEIX Fund can invest in Bitcoin by buying cryptocurrency and depositing it into the pool of other Bitcoins created by more than 3100 investors. The joint pool of investments is the instrument for OBEIX to trade on the crypto market quite similar to that of Forex.

The main trading currencies used at OBEIX are BTC and USD. They also perform all trading actions at their trading center. The point is to bring profits to all the participants. The expected monthly income for every client is up to 14%!

OBEIX Fund has significant advantages making it stand out of the crowd of Bitcoin investment sites. Here they are:

  • Daily percent payouts;
  • BTC withdrawal at any moment;
  • Most coins stored in BTC;
  • Use of coins other than Bitcoin: TRON, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and more;
  • Constant support availability.

OBEIX Fund is the way to invest in Bitcoin and guarantee yourself stable profits. Keep up with the following guide to start earning right away!

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency with OBEIX – Complete Guide

So, you understood that Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in now. To make an investment with OBEIX, make sure you follow these simple steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to sign up and buy bitcoins on one of our trusted partners’ websites: 1) 2) Coinmama 3) Binance. This guide shows how to buy bitcoins via, but for the others the actions will be similar.
  2. After you have signed up on you gain access to your personal bitcoin wallet, which you will use a few steps later for sending bitcoin to the OBEIX wallet. Now buy bitcoin by clicking on the relevant button.
  3. Next, when you have bought some bitcoins you are ready to create your personal OBEIX wallet and start investing. To do this go to and press the “Open an Account” button at the top right corner of the screen
  4. Enter the wallet name. It will be used as username. Yes, you are free to come up with any name. Also, you should provide the system with an email to receive the verification message. Additionally, you can use this address for two-factor-authentication procedures in future. Set the password. Remember, the safety of your investments starts with you, so make sure the password is complicated enough. 
  5. During the step 2 you receive a mnemonic phrase. Write it down and store in some hidden place. It will be impossible for you to restore wallet access without the mnemonic phrase in case you forget or lose your password.
  6. Enter the mnemonic phrase you received.
  7. After the registration is done, proceed to the wallet tab and copy its address. You can use the QR code, too.
  8. Go back to your wallet and send Bitcoins to your OBEIX wallet by using the address that you copied on the previous step. Don’t forget to set the premium fee, otherwise you’ll wait for your Bitcoins for quite long.Wait until the transaction receives 3 Bitcoin network confirmations.
  9. After that, refresh the OBEIX wallet balance and see your Bitcoins there.
  10. Switch to the OBEIX Fund tab and confirm your Bitcoin investment by pressing the green “Invest” button. 
  11. Then, you’ll see your deposit’s “pending” status below the wallet. Now, you should wait till the system approves your deposit. It takes the system at least 24 hours to process all transactions. So, normally the investment will be confirmed during the next day.
  12. Now, check your deposit is accepted and active

WelcomeNow you earn together with OBEIXYour profits are loaded to your OBEIX wallet daily. If you want, check the transaction history in the appropriate tab.

You can withdraw and cash out your earned BTC at any moment you want. To withdraw a deposit, go to the OBEIX Fund tab and press the “Withdraw to wallet” button below on the page. Funds will be loaded to your OBEIX wallet within 24 hours. From there, you can transfer them to any other wallet and use them as you want.

So, is Bitcoin a good investment? Yes, and you have the opportunity to check it out right away. Join the OBEIX Fund community on and make profits with your crypto coins easily!

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