VeChain Goes Live on Bitpanda, Major Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange in Europe, with 5,000-EUR Giveaway in VET

VET has now been listed on Bitpanda, one of the top-tier fiat-to-crypto trading platforms in the EU.

To celebrate this event, VeChain and the exchange have announced a giveaway of to 5,000 EUR worth of VET for verified Bitpanda users.

Bitpanda gives away 5,000 EUR in VET

The giveaway promised by the exchange and VeChain is to commence on Sept. 8 at 00:00 CEST and finish on Sept. 14 at 23:59 CEST, according to the Medium post.

Two prizes will be offered to Bitpanda’s verified users: 3,000 EUR and 2,000 EUR in VET.

There will be ten winners of each prize, and each will receive 300 EUR and 200 EUR worth of this coin.

The 300 EUR in VET prizes will be given to the ten traders with the highest amount of VET purchased on Bitpanda.

The lucky winners for the second prize will be chosen on a random basis among ten people who are at the BEST VIP level 1 and above and who trade any amount of this cryptocurrency.

VeChain’s recent major partnership

This blockchain platform emerged five years ago, and its goal is to streamline business processes. One of the platform’s tokens, VET, is used to settle smart contracts on the network.

The platform and the network have been developing quickly. They have partnered with Grant Thornton Cyprus.

The goal is to produce multiple DLT solutions to let businesses adopt them widely in various industries.

The partnership was announced in mid-August. Thanks to the partnership, new blockchain products will be built on DLT solutions offered by VeChain in such areas as pharmacy, food industry, logistics, etc.

Grant Thornton Cyprus started its line of DLT services in 2018 and has now spread to 135 countries around the world.

Now, with the help of VeChain, the company wants to raise the quality of its DLT services and expand their range in Cyprus and in other countries as well.



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